Austin, Texas
Monday - Friday 8:00-4:00
(512) 947-7104

About Us

Tommy Howard
Owner, Operator, Estimator, Crew Support. Started and funded Howard Painting in 1993, after working in the painting business for 3 years.

We are Committed to Keeping Austin Beautiful!

At Howard Painting Company we are dedicated to the kind of home town service that makes Austin such a great place to live. Locally owned and operated, Howard Painting started right here in Austin in 1993. The personal attention to detail that we give each and every customer is what sets us apart from the rest. From beginning to long after your job is completed, we remain available and ready to fulfill our commitment to excellent service for each and every customer.

Our craftsmen are some of the most courteous, respectful, dedicated professionals in the field. Their work ethic is beyond question and their pride in quality results proves it. They are unhurried, professional and efficient. The average tenure for our skilled quality applicators is around 10 years plus.

Painter, Shop Foreman, Job Site Crew Support, Security and Delivery, Materials Management, Job site Safety Supervisor- and "Last man standing"! He's the guy that locks the door on the way out. Our first experience working with Mitch was in 2009.

Crew chief and OSHA trained Lead Foreman, Personnel Manager since 1997, Applicator, Elevated Scaffolding and Boom Lift Operator, Spray Tech and Jefe. Moises came to Howard Painting in 1997 and has been a part of the big picture ever since.

Applicator, Experienced Scaffolding and Elevated Boom Operator– the taller the better, Equipment Repair, Materials Tech, Trouble Shooter– Time is flying. Luis has been with the crew for almost 10 years.

Applicator, Elevated Scaffolding Operator, Spray Tech, Boom Lift Operator, first in line for tacos– Leo is going on 7 years with us here at HPC.